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18 July 2007

ali di burro

non-humanoid dance-alike spectacle. made in Yucatan.
Click the pic for dirty preview [3MB.Flash8]
Full-HD [1080p.MP4_40MB]
Download Half-HD [720p.avi/divx_22MB]
iPod [360p.mp4/H.264_ 9MB]

From now on greenhornsview is presented in progressive Full HighDefinition (1080p)

720p recommended for most people and it is already a big difference to Standard-TV. 1080p won't give necessarily a notable quality difference,
since most screens don't come near to 1920x1080 pixels of screen

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At 3:06 pm, Blogger intuitionandfeeling said...

hola maestro!! dopo 4 mesi di inattività finalmente le schuhe..ach no..schmetterlinge, si! :-) purtroppo però da questo computer si vede troppo lentamente l'immagine, forse il formato non è facile da downloadare...

At 1:25 pm, Blogger Robert Croma said...

Brilliant! And very beautiful.


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