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19 February 2006

A night in Tunesia

This kaleidoscope movie actually shows tissue and some vapor as my underwear was too close to my table lamp when drying...

Sound: parts of the best ever piece of live-Jazz:
"A Night in Tunesia" 1957 Live at Carnegie Hall, Thelonius Monk quartet with John Coltrane.

[click the pic to play iPod-movie. 2,3MB needs Quicktime7 or VLC
for higher-quality-movie click: here 5,6MB]


09 February 2006


A concert seen through a kaleidoscope, accompanied by myself drumming around (Flanger filtering).
iPod-Movie 5MB. needs Quicktime 7
High Quality-version - 13MB


03 February 2006

Now plays on iPod and faster server

I decided to put things primarily as iPod-ready versions (320x240/H.264/768kbits) and when some more detail is nice, optionally one version in doubble quality (VGA/MP4-ASP/~1.5 Mbits).

I no longer use H264 for higher quality versions because it´s too CPU-hungry to play nicely on average computers.
Also i no longer encode with Quicktime (bad quality and slow encoding), but with ffmpeg or mencoder. But things are still fully Quicktime- / MP4- compatible, HQ-version may not stream though.

I finally realized that the host i used is definitly too slow and unreliable. i switched to
The new host should work better.

Have a look downwards, there are now 4 iPod - Movies.
and more to come upwards...


02 February 2006

dirty pasta-water dancing drum ´n base

Slowed down to 1/4 speed, the dirty pasta-water moves to this nice live drum and base piece.

[click the pic to view the movie. 8,8MB.
needs Quicktime 7 and at least 1 ghz-CPU.

Note the two shouting dj-people at the beginning. one of them is fouling around a bit.
Actually, i wanted to accompany the music with the movie and create kind of another beat with the movie playing frame by frame, not at a constant rate, but in its own rythm, like a visual drum or hihat.

Any idea how to do it?


01 February 2006

talking wall

A pot of water and the reflexes of its waves on a wall, as i beat on it with my fingers.

[click the pic to view movie. NEW: now iPod-ready. 5,7MB.
needs VLC or Quicktime 7]