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31 December 2005

waves of champaign…… Hyppa wne yaer!


this isn´t really waves of champain, just for the ring of it...

[click to view movie. Needs Quicktime 7]

the original movie shows some light plays of a glass of champaign with some candles in the background.


shadow of an indian dancer


This is a movie of an indian dance performance i filmed in Stuttgart in a little crowded theatre.
The shadow is real point of interest here and the reason for which i misstreated the movie that way.

I like a lot when the way she´s singing for the first 5 seconds, very bewitching voice.

[you need Quicktime 7 to see the film]


29 December 2005

some pigeons flying in a swarm.

[movie needs quicktime 7]


22 December 2005

shower spirits - the movie


This is the movie of the shower spirits.

[click to view. Needs quicktime 7 and some phantasy]

I consider this one of my best things i´ve ever done, as usual by accident:
to see why, you need to see the spirits. to see the spirits you must look very carefully:

open it with QuickTime, then when playing press right / left arrow key on your keyboard to view frame per frame forwards or backwards.
Now, don´t you see anything in it?

I see a lot of faces, figures and creatures…


21 December 2005

white stripes

hey. this title fits well for the movie...

and i like the band too. Especially "the hardest button to button", "seven nations army", "ball and biscuit" and "the air near my fingers".

[click to view movie.]

the film shows a bottle of water, that reflects passing lights of the tunnel outside. it was 3 o clock in the night, while going by train back from Copenhagen.

here´s another one you can recognize:

[click to view movie. needs Quicktime 7]


20 December 2005

blue blood

here a movie i took in a botanic garden in Tuebingen. It´s a geranium sanguineum L. and of course sanguineum=bloody, it should be red...
it´s edited with the ProcAmp Filter in FinalCut, else gamma corrected and the Y-Channel is inverted.
(Can anybody explain me what this Y stands for, as the source is RGB not CMYK?)

i intentionally did not focus the flower, but the backround, which is the real subject of this movie.

[you need Quicktime7]

PS: you need to add the ".mp4" extension to the filename to view it. sorry forgot



16 December 2005

wim wenders über "Dont come Knocking" (german)

Wim Wenders in Tübingen über seinen neuen Film "Don´t come knocking". Schaut auf seine Hände: diese Unsicherheit, mit der er auftritt macht ihn mir sympathisch.

Mpeg4, 115Mb, nicht streamfähig.


just married.....

OK, lets populate.

image token on the marriage of my girlfriend´s sister.
this image somehow reminds me my inner situation as i just got separeted from my girlfriend 4 days ago. took two years, my first "real" relation.


Hey hi

My name is Ingvar, i live in Aachen/Germany on the boarder to Netherlands and Belgium. i´m studying biology, to work in environmental biotechnology some day. My interests are photography, film, art, travel, books.

this is my second blog. the first one never really was active for longer than a week: ( this time it´s going to be different.
hope this time i will publish more regularily, as soon as i get internet in my new apartment.

i want to post my photo and video experiments here along with some thoughts of the day.
I´m recording on a Olympus C770, clean it up using JES VideoCleaner (a big thank you to the autor!!) and play around with FinalCut and QuartzComposer.

what it looks like:

PS: You will need a recent quicktime (>7) or VLC to view the movies, as i plan to post in H.264.

Hope you enjoy and i´d be glad to have any comments, especially with links to similar vlogs.