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28 June 2006


in the harbour of Maastricht...

[click the pic to play the movie. 6,5MB. plays on iPod. needs Quicktime 7]]
click here for high-quality 18MB. plays easy]

you hear an example for nice flow french HipHop.
French is the better language for this kind of "sprechgesang" IMHO.

I´m still looking for more:
non-gangster, slightly-melodic, well-rhymed and well-sung, decent-rhytmic french rap.

if you like the song a bit - please tell me your rap favorites!


13 June 2006

take it as is

sometimes you have to jump on things as they come to you.
any reflection will screw it,
and worry is waste of karma

[click the pic to play the movie. 6MB. plays on iPod & needs Quicktime 7]
click here for high-quality 12MB. plays easy]

untreated movie track: my finger´s shadows on a dried cacao layer

i like a lot this italian pseudo-russian song, especially in the beginning and at the end